class RoPE(dims: int, traditional: bool = False, base: float = 10000, scale: float = 1.0)#

Implements the rotary positional encoding.

The traditional implementation rotates consecutive pairs of elements in the feature dimension while the default implementation rotates pairs with stride half the feature dimensions for efficiency.

For more details see RoFormer: Enhanced Transformer with Rotary Position Embedding.

  • dims (int) – The feature dimensions to be rotated. If the input feature is larger than dims then the rest is left unchanged.

  • traditional (bool, optional) – If set to True choose the traditional implementation which is slightly less efficient. Default: False.

  • base (float, optional) – The base used to compute angular frequency for each dimension in the positional encodings. Default: 10000.

  • scale (float, optional) – The scale used to scale the positions. Default: 1.0.