jvp(fun: callable, primals: List[array], tangents: List[array]) Tuple[List[array], List[array]]#

Compute the Jacobian-vector product.

This computes the product of the Jacobian of a function fun evaluated at primals with the tangents.

  • fun (callable) – A function which takes a variable number of array and returns a single array or list of array.

  • primals (list(array)) – A list of array at which to evaluate the Jacobian.

  • tangents (list(array)) – A list of array which are the “vector” in the Jacobian-vector product. The tangents should be the same in number, shape, and type as the inputs of fun (i.e. the primals).


A list of the Jacobian-vector products which is the same in number, shape, and type of the inputs to fun.

Return type: