irfft2(a: array, s: Optional[Sequence[int]] = None, axes: Optional[Sequence[int]] = [-2, -1], stream: Optional[Union[Stream, Device]] = None) array#

The inverse of rfft2().

Note the input is generally complex. The dimensions of the input specified in axes are padded or truncated to match the sizes from s. The last axis in axes is treated as the real axis and will have size s[-1] // 2 + 1.

  • a (array) – The input array.

  • s (list(int), optional) – Sizes of the transformed axes. The corresponding axes in the input are truncated or padded with zeros to match the sizes in s except for the last axis which has size s[-1] // 2 + 1. The default value is the sizes of a along axes.

  • axes (list(int), optional) – Axes along which to perform the FFT. The default is [-2, -1].


The real array containing the inverse of rfft2().

Return type: