rfft(a: array, n: Optional[int] = None, axis: int = -1, stream: Optional[Union[Stream, Device]] = None) array#

One dimensional discrete Fourier Transform on a real input.

The output has the same shape as the input except along axis in which case it has size n // 2 + 1.

  • a (array) – The input array. If the array is complex it will be silently cast to a real type.

  • n (int, optional) – Size of the transformed axis. The corresponding axis in the input is truncated or padded with zeros to match n. The default value is a.shape[axis].

  • axis (int, optional) – Axis along which to perform the FFT. The default is -1.


The DFT of the input along the given axis. The output data type will be complex.

Return type: