dequantize(w: array, /, scales: array, biases: array, group_size: int = 64, bits: int = 4, *, stream: None | Stream | Device = None) array#

Dequantize the matrix w using the provided scales and biases and the group_size and bits configuration.

Formally, given the notation in quantize(), we compute \(w_i\) from \(\hat{w_i}\) and corresponding \(s\) and \(\beta\) as follows

\[w_i = s \hat{w_i} - \beta\]
  • w (array) – Matrix to be quantized

  • scales (array) – The scales to use per group_size elements of w

  • biases (array) – The biases to use per group_size elements of w

  • group_size (int, optional) – The size of the group in w that shares a scale and bias. Default: 64.

  • bits (int, optional) – The number of bits occupied by each element in w. Default: 4.


The dequantized version of w

Return type: